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RIVCoin is a digital asset collateralized by a portfolio of reserves, composed of fiat currencies, securities and Digital Assets. The reserves are exclusively pledged in favour of the users and stored in a secure compartment of our BVI Fund. RIVCoin will the first token to redistribute the overprice derived from its reserves to Liquidity Providers.

RIVCoin is a cryptocurrency backed by a Vault of real assets, secured and pledged in favour of our users. The Vault cannot be touched, and guarantees every coin minted. In this way, even if the token loses value, we can always guarantee its value from the reserves.

The decentralized nature of the RIVCoin, which is minted by a Decentralized Autonomous Organization, makes it suitable for many scenarios, at the same time avoiding the volatility downward spikes experienced by all tokens. To learn more download the litepaper.


RIVCoin combines a rigorous asset backing with a fully decentralized nature. This makes it suitable to be used as a medium of exchange to buy goods and services, but also as a reliable store of value.

Liquidity Providers can receive rewards from the overprice derived by the increase in value of the reserves: in this value, the token will appreciate organically together with the appreciation of the underlying reserves.

Roberto Rivera

Chairman & CEO

Enrico Talin

Chief Blockchain Officer

Alvise Di Stefano

Vice Chairman

Guido Rocco

Chief Operating Officer


There are two different ways in which you can purchase RIVCoin, according to your degree of familiarity with crypto. You can either download RIV Wallet and buy RIVCoin directly from the Wallet, via our simplified purchase flow, or you can buy it from Osmosis, by interacting with our Liquidity Pool.

RIVCoin is a cryptocurrency based on Cøsmos, so you will need a Cøsmos-compatible Wallet to be able to interact with the Decentralized Exchange and to complete the purchase.


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