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Meet Our Team

Roberto Rivera

Chairman & CEO

Founder and Principal Investor at RIV Capital Roberto is the Chairman and CEO of the Group.

He has 27 years of experience prior as a Derivative Trader then as an Investment/Private Banker within European and American investment firms in London, Frankfurt and Milan. American Express Bank, Dresdner Bank, Banca IMI, Lehman Brothers, Nomura the main experiences.

Awarded for big investment banking deals especially in the securitisation field, Roberto is an accomplished trader with a deep knowledge of market structures and derivatives showing official and constant double digit annual returns implementing Q-strategies and value investments.

His strong passion for academic quant research took him prior to cover the seat of Monetary Policy and Fixed Income as Adjoint Professor at the University of Bologna (Italy).
MA in Economics and Finance at University of Bologna, and Executive Educations at INSEAD and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Stefano Camponovo
Vice Chairman

Founder and Investor at RIV Capital
he serves as Vice Chairman.

Stefano is a 30 years experienced banker and CEO at Camponovo & Partners Group –Headquarter Lugano in Switzerland. Founded in early 70’s originally by his father as a Consulting firm, currently it is active in corporate finance, strategic consultancy, tax advisory, private equity, wealth management, real estate management and investments, with offices also in Dubai, Hong Kong and still expanding worldwide.

His long experience started in London and New York at Morgan Grenfell & Co., Bank and Prudential Bache broker house and previously as Inspector of Tax Office at the Finance Department of Canton Ticino (Switzerland). Stefano holds a BS in Economics and Finance at University of St. Gallen, Hochscule (Switzerland)

Andrea Della Valle
Vice Chairman

Founder and Investor at RIV Capital
he serves as Vice Chairman.

Andrea is one of the first hour founders at Lehman Brothers Italy from 1987 to 2008 and after at Nomura.
Ran the Institutional Equity Sales group of Lehman based in London and Milan.
As a banker his historical client coverage is asset managers, insurance companies, pension funds, banking foundations. With more than 200 companies over 20 years, Andrea has a deep expertise in international equities, sales, IPOs distribution and structured products.
He was split between cash and derivatives sales people always managing large number of professional in his teams and driving only big deals. Prior he started at Bankers Trust International.

He holds an MBA in Economics and Management at INSEAD of Fontainebleau (Paris) and a BA in Economics at McGill University in Montreal (Canada).
Andrea is the undisputed investment banker everybody would like to have on board.

Adele Luigia Fantoni
Vice Chairman

Founder and Investor at RIV Capital
she serves as Vice Chairman.

Adele is a Ph.D., Doctor in Dentistry, Orthodontics, Nutrition and Aesthetic medicine owning a well-known medical office in the centre of Milan (Italy) for about 30 years.
Whilst her apparent experience is completely different, she found herself still very young to manage and protect the family assets. Unusually, Adele has given proof constantly to being able to multiply the heritage, developing a real passion and knowledge of the financial markets and of their related risks.

Adele is the maximum expression of passion and science in a wider holistic approach to business and to life.

Massimiliano Marzo
Chief Economist

Founder and Investor at RIV Capital
he serves as Chief Economist.

Max is Professor of Economics at University of Bologna and Director at Bologna Business School at the Master of Wealth Management.
He covers the Seats of Economics of Financial Markets, International Finance and Asset Management.

During his academic performance both as a teacher and a researcher with a lot of scientific publications, he still serves as a Member of the Board in several Italian Companies and Senior Advisor especially about Risk Management.

Max holds a Ph.D. in Economics at Yale University (USA).

Alvise Di Stefano
Vice Chairman

Founder and Investor at RIV Capital
he serves as Vice Chairman.

Alvise has a 25-year professional experience encompassing legal and entrepreneurial roles in Milan, Rome and London.
As a lawyer he worked at Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer covering investment funds and private equity companies listed/not, for 5 years.
As a senior lawyer, later for other 4 years, at one of the largest and most prominent Italian law firms, Gianni Origoni Grippo & Partners, he assisted investment and commercial banks, insurances and large private equity funds in domestic and cross boarder banking and distressed transactions, including some of the largest NPL’s deals ever completed in Italy.
Finally, from 2009 he was co-founder and executive board member at J-Invest group, an independent financial firm, active in the field of distressed assets and NPLs, which over the last decade purchased more than Eur 4,9 bln of NPL’s. Since 2020 Alvise is an active private investor in banking, real-estate and distressed and also healthcare and renewable energy.
Alvise holds an MA in Law at University of Bologna.

Guido Rocco
Chief Operating Officer

Guido serves as Chief Operating Officer at RIV Technologies FZE in Dubai (UAE).

Prior he worked at IBM where he has covered the seat of Senior Advisor and IT Architect. More than five years of experience designing and developing solutions, using blockchain and exponential technologies. Led the team for the implementation of several innovative projects in the Blockchain and IT field.

MA in Mathematics at the University of Milan, he teaches at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology as Learning Facilitator.

Enrico Talin
Chief Blockchain Officer

Enrico is a serial Entrepreneur of multiple software platform and blockchain companies since 1994.

He developed a strong background and experience in inventing and managing new technologies to improve privacy through Zero-Knowledge Proof Encryption.
The main field of action for him is the logical architecture of the blockchain technologies, the self-sovereign identity and a privacy by design approach to enable the users to be digitally compliant with the actual electronic identity standard requirements worldwide. He is also the Chairman and Founder of the Commercio. Network (blockchain) structured as an international consortium of 100 companies worldwide.

B.Sc Graduated in Marketing and Information Technology from Ithaca College in New York, Enrico is also author of six books focused on blockchain and related Anti-Money Laundering.

Deepika Prabhakar
Personal Assistant

Executive Assistant at RIV Capital
she serves as personal assistant.

Deepika is a young PA in Dubai, where she has been living since 2016.
She graduated in India and holds a BS in computer applications (B.C.A) from Mangalore Institute of Management and Engineering, Mangalore India.
In UAE she matured experience in a real estate firm at Gems Star Properties and later at Triveni Packaging Trdg. CO. LLC, Dubai, always with administrative roles.
Finally, she brings with her an extensive background in customer service from Government Sectors and Corporate Environments.
Deepika shows always a positive, hard-working mindset, and is passionate about any challenges.

Ammar Elsabe
IT Developer

Ammar Elsabe is a skilled full stack young Engineer with a background deeply rooted in academia, serving as IT Developer.

He has explored cutting-edge robotics and AI through research initiatives and, with a strong passion for innovation, he has already contributed to the academic sector with research and papers. Currently, he is leading to a piquing interest in the financial sector, quantitative analysis, and algorithmic trading.
He is an AI practitioner and a developer in system performant languages like Rust, C/C++ but also data analysis languages like Python and R.

B.Sc Graduated in Computer Engineering at the University of Sharjah

Amir Said
IT Developer

Amir Said is a highly skilled software engineer with over 8 years of experience in software development, serving as IT Developer.

His passion for software development has driven him to create tailored solutions for various companies and individuals in the United Arab Emirates since the age of 16.

Throughout his career, he has served as a team and project leader at Emad Soft LTD. and G & G Innovations Information Technology. He has extensive experience in software development for with a specialization in C++. Amir's preferred cross-platform framework for Windows, Linux, and Mac development is QT.

As technology has evolved and devices have become smaller and more compact, Amir has transitioned from low-level programming to higher-level programming, particularly in mobile application development. He recognized the need to generate applications more efficiently and effectively in today's fast-paced world.

B.Sc Graduated in Electrical Engineering at Al Dar University College.

Wajeeha Malik
Software Engineer

Wajeeha Malik joins RIV Capital as a Software Engineer, bringing with experience in designing, developing, and maintaining cutting-edge software applications. With a robust foundation in various programming languages and technologies, including c#, Python, JavaScript, and blockchain technologies like Solidity and Ethereum, she demonstrates adaptability and proficiency in the tech field.

With Bachelor's in Computer Science from FAST-NUCES Islamabad, underlining her strong educational background alongside her professional experience at innovative companies, where she has spearheaded significant projects with her comprehensive skills in cloud computing, microservices architecture, and backend engineering.

As a valuable member of company her contributions will drive technological advancements and contribute to the company's strategic success.

Emanuele Costa
Sales Representative

Emanuele Costa joins RIV Capital as a Sales Representative, with a blend of experiences across various international and financial contexts, demonstrating exceptional proficiency in building client relationships and advancing sales strategies.

Fluent in Italian, French, and English, and with a strong proficiency in Russian and Portuguese gained during his time living in such countries, Emanuele's linguistic talents enhance his ability to connect with a diverse range of international markets.

Holding a Bachelor's degree from the University of Pavia with a major in International Relations, Emanuele has also cemented his expertise in new leading technologies such as Blockchains and Web 3.0.

His academic and professional journey reflects a deep commitment to leveraging his comprehensive background to drive the company's strategic objectives and financial success.

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