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About RIV

Our firm

RIV Capital is born as a Luxembourg legal entity General Partner – RIV Capital GP S.a.r.l. – and Limited Partner RIV Capital SCSp.

RIV Technologies FZE and RIV Earnings Absolute FZ LLC are our presence in UAE, with  regular licenses and as a part of the group.

Investors are required to be “professional” and there is a strict selection to be part of the Firm.

We are a rapidly expanding company which bases its strategies on the skills and experiences of success of their Founders.

We use our success background to select together the investment opportunities, within an informal and entrepreneurial style.

Our goal is to protect and grow our capital together with that of future shareholders, by preserving it and by increasing it in the long run.

We work with the passion and the joy of being part of a truly innovative and successful venture.

Why Be A Shareholder?


Every single Partner has a hard investment in the Firm. All investors are Partners.
Chairman and CEO is the Principal Investor and the main decision maker.
Despite of this, he loves to be controlled.


Advisory Board members are direct investors of the Firm and actively participate in the decision process.
General Meeting, Advisory Board, Administrator and the Custodian/Depositary Bank mitigate any “out of control” risk.
RIV-Capital Group have centralized, segregated and separated single accounts only at UBS Luxembourg.


Dividends to Limited Partners are distributed and liquidated on a quarterly basis.
Goal: the capital increase through the exploitation of the intrinsic value of the asset invested and enjoyed.

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