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Introducing Jupiter: RIV Capital’s New AI-powered Prop Desk

Introducing Jupiter: RIV Capital’s New AI-powered Prop Desk

RIV Technologies has just developed Jupiter: a new AI-powered trading desk that will entirely automate the investment strategies of RIV Capital. The Trading Desk is completely cloud-based and features an innovative microservice architecture deployed on Amazon Web Services.

The development of Jupiter is inscribed in our vision of automation of trading strategies. Jupiter can handle multiple investment strategies on one or more portfolios, allowing the Fund Manager to seamlessly design and integrate an investment strategy, potentially minutes after it has been developed. The solution will be used internally in the RIV Ecosystem, to strengthen our investment strategies and increase the return for our shareholders.  

Models are first written in MATLAB and then seamlessly deployed into Jupiter. The Fund Manager can choose how many strategies are active at a single point in time. The model is able to choose the optimal portfolio allocation and automatically rebalance the portfolio each day, given the model output.

Jupiter completely automates the work of the Fund Manager. Investment strategies are developed and tested with the use of Artificial Intelligence, and then “plugged” into the target portfolio seamlessly. The Fund Manager needs only to choose the allocation of the total portfolio which is dedicated to each strategy. The creation and sending of the order to the broker are completely automatic.

The first investment strategy that has been deployed will be a strategy that employs statistical patterns on Single Stock Futures. Other strategies will be then plugged into Jupiter, ranging from traditional finance to cryptocurrency strategies. Ultimately, Jupiter will be integrated with both traditional exchanges and the major cryptocurrency Centralized and Decentralized Exchanges.

The automation of the investment strategies is an important added value, that allows RIV Capital to focus on the development of the investment strategies, without thinking about the implementation. In the long term, the added value that Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning bring to the table will allow us to gain a competitive advantage over all our competition and to bring immense value to our investors.

RIV Capital is matching the innovation that comes from technology with the multi-year competence of its team, each one with multiple years of experience in trading. Jupiter will integrate additional modules that will allow seamless handling of strategies that span traditional finance and cryptocurrencies. We are building the future of finance, with technology.  

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