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Delivering excellence in the world of finance.

We invest in a wide range of asset classes, from Fixed Income to cryptocurrency, to generate a positive return for our shareholders in every market condition.

Our vocation to technology and focus on compliance allows us to approach every investment opportunity without prejudice, with an unceasing commitment to provide value to our shareholders.

Asset Management

We are a leading asset manager offering a personal service and excellent returns.

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Equity Participation

We have acquired via Private Equity a number of successful businesses.

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We are a technology leader in financial services. And offer state of the art services and products to clients and partners.

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Why work with Riv?

We offer a wide range of products, ranging from traditional financial instruments to cryptocurrency, with the sole purpose of creating value for our clients. Whether you want to invest in our investment fund or you are interested in cryptocurrency, you will find a product that suits you.

Our attention to legal and compliance, together with our vocation for technology and our multi- year experience in finance, allows us to be flexible, but at the same time fully compliant to existing laws and regulations.

How we work for you.

Our Board of Directors is fully committed to the success of our firm, each one spanning multiple years of experience, and we collaborate with top-notch law firms to ensure the maximum level of compliance.

We are maniacs about quality: each one of us actively participates in the development of our firm with his passion, his knowledge and his network. We foster the principle that finishing second is unacceptable.

What we deliver

Our investors benefit from the top-notch returns of our Reserved Alternative Investment Fund, with a Sharpe Ratio amongst the 1% top performers in the world, from our portfolio of Private Equity assets and our exposure to the cryptocurrency market, both as investors and as value creators.

Every investment is chosen with the utmost attention, using a rigorous quantitative approach based on the multi-year experience of our Fund Manager, Roberto Rivera.


We offer professional services for high net worth individuals, contact us now to speak to an expert.


We offer corporations access to a range of investment opportunities. Contact us now to learn more on how we can help you increase your wealth.

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